Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dinosaur Park

While in Ogden, we spent a full day exploring Dinosaur Park. Kati-Lily learned to say, "Dino! Dino! Roar!"

Gabi had a stare-down with her favorite dinosaur, the Ankylosaurus.

Bella is partial to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which we found feasting on a Parasaurolophus.

Michael searched for the Stegosaurus, which was busy protecting her baby from a pack of Deinonychus.

We played a game where one of us parents would go off alone and find a new dinosaur and then call the other to say where we were. Then the kids would use the map of the park to search for the missing parent.

We found a Diplodocus fighting an Allosaurus in a death match.

Gabi liked the Ophthalmosaurus because it resembles a dolphin.

We learned about the Giganotosaurus, which was an even larger predator than the famous T-Rex! It sounds made-up, but apparently is was real.

Dinosaur Park includes a playground, where the kids can climb on dinosaur statues.

Gabi especially enjoyed the dino dig. She and Daddy found a fossilized Stegosaurus buried in the sand!

The indoor museum was just as interesting, though not as easy to photograph. The girls loved watching the animatronic scene with a T-Rex stalking a Triceratops family.

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